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Our Computer courses

Basic Concepts of ICT

This course equips you with the basic knowledge of Information Communication Techonlogy. The cost and duration can be negotiable.

  1. A short history of computers
  2. Definition of a computer
  3. Computer hardware
  4. Computer software
  5. Networks and the Internet
  6. Uses of computers
  7. Computer health and safety
  8. data protection

$ 70.00 Duration 23 days

Computer packages

This package allows you to learn or refresh the neccessary computer skills needed in any office. Don't hastate to aquire these skills as the world has drastically changed from analogue to digital (COVID-19 is the prove of the change!).

  1. Using computer and managing files
  2. Using Microsoft Word
  3. Using Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. Using Microsoft Excel
  5. Using Microsoft Access
  6. Using Microsoft Publisher
  7. Using Microsoft Project Manager
  8. Understanding the Internet and WWW

$ 150.00 Duration 60 days

Web Development

Changing a career means first aquiring new skills, therefore, web development is the most trending skill that every one (if not all) is trying to aquire due to E-BUSINESS booming concept nowadays.

  1. Basic concepts of WWW
  2. Understanding HTML
  3. Using CSS in HTML
  4. Understanding JavaScript
  5. Using front-end frameworks
  6. Understanding PHP & MSQL
  7. Using back-end frameworks
  8. Using WordPress

$ 450.00 Duration 75 days

Java programming

Advance your computer skills by learning computer programing in java. learn java to become an android developer and earn from your intellictual assets.

  1. Basic concepts of programming
  2. Introduction to java
  3. Understanding the basic structure and syntax of java
  4. Lexical elements in java
  5. Java Control flow structure
  6. Methods in java
  7. Classes and Objects
  8. Data encapsulation
  9. Interfaces & class inheritance
  10. Polymorphism & functional programming
  11. Working with collections
  12. Using GUI & CLI
  13. The file system in java
  14. Multi-threading in java
  15. Working with graphics
  16. Java networking
  17. Working with databases

$ 500.00 Duration 90 days

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Mobile Instructors

The world is too busy so that people don’t have time to leave their work place to attend classes. We can send mobile instructors to reach your work place or institution to deliver your desired course materials at any reasonable time.

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CD Based Tutorials

CD based tutorials allow you to learn course materials at your own pace. If you are lucky enough so that you are able to do self-teaching without any problem, then don't hesitate to have one of our available CD tutorials.

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Online Classes

The world we are living in changes dramatically as it is experienced in 2019 due to COVID-19, as per to the pandemic, we ought to adopt a new method of conducting studies by leveraging new technologies. An online classroom allows you to attend classes virtually or remotely using advanced video technologies.

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physical Class Rooms

Physical classrooms give you relative confidence along with your instructor or teacher, for example you have opportunity for directly asking your instructor questions in case you feel not satisfied.

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