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What is a database system?

A database system is an application (whether web based or stand-alone) designed to store and retrieve data using SQL (Structured Query Language) language.
Businesses worldwide use databases to record information regarding their interests in business, banks use databases to store bank accounts and track all transactions initiated by customers, airline companies use databases to keep track of reservations, governments use databases to store birth and marriage certificates, identity cards, criminal records of a person, and many affairs of interest.

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Personal databases

A personal database is a low-end product intended for individuals and small workgroups (e.g. to keep track of the customers and their contacts). This kind of a database allows individuals to install and use personal database to manage their data on their personal computers. There are many compelling reasons why you should use a database system to manage your business. For example you might need a database system to keep track of the sales you make each day, student registry, customers contacts, schedules, new products and many more.

Access database

Microsoft Access Database is one of most used personal databases for small businesses and individuals due to its ubiquity and being a full-fledged application which does not require someone to be a software guru to use it. However, hiring a talented MS Access designer who leverages VBA to add on missing functionalities to your database can save you a lot of time and money as well.

Based on our solid database design skills, we can help you design a robust and resilient personal database starting from designing and normalizing your tables which store your data. We then define your queries that filter your desired information from the database using SQL and the query builder in Access. We then design interactive forms that insert new data into the tables and pull it from your tables and/or queries to be presented to the user. We then lastly design meaningful reports based on your queries or data filters which you print and share with your business mates.

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Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is one of the best spreadsheet applications for analyzing and graphing your data in a very professional and attractive way. A spreadsheet application can help you organize and understand your work by using available powerful math Functions and expressions to build automated calculations and graphical representation of your data.

We have professional MS Excel designers who can transform your manual balancing to automated balancing and design informative and meaningful charts of your data. By leveraging automated tasks will save you time and bring a quick income without disturbing yourself with forgotten mathematical formulas.

E-commerce databases

An e-commerce database system is a database designed to host your data on a database server and present the data to a client software such as a web browser. The client software uses technics such as AJAX to communicate with the database behind the scenes. For example you can host your products in a MYSQL database and display them in a web browser so that people can access and buy your products remotely. You can also manage everything from data entry to record keeping automatically managed by a web application.

Web based database system

To operate a reasonable and cheap database system that you can access wherever you are (given that you have an internet connection) without shelling out a lot of money to cloud services, you can develop your own database that you can control and manage through a web interface.

Let us take care of the development and you take care of the control and management. For example, suppose that we want a database system to manage our data in our company, obviously, we would start by analyzing the necessary data to keep tracking and designing the entity relationship. We would then gather and determine the back-end tools to use (e.g. java or PHP and the corresponding frameworks and a database engine like Postgress or MYSQL) and then we would design the user interface (using frond-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by using angular framework) which would interact with the database server to generate or present data.

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